Customized Probiotic Solutions

Good health starts in the gut, which is why we offer an array of products for head-to-toe wellness.

Signature Strains

Not just any strain gets to be a HOWARU® Signature Strain.

Doctor Preferred Probiotic For Respiratory Health*

Help your consumers stay healthy with our signature Bl-04® strain.

Probiotic Quality you can feel.

HOWARU® is a line of clinically mastered probiotic solutions from the leading industry experts at DuPont.

HOWARU® premium probiotics are offered as single strains or pre-formulated blends, all validated by gold-standard clinical trials. Each robust strain or strain combination provides an array of benefits sure to meet your manufacturing needs and that of your unique customer.

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High Performance

We boast more than 100 years of probiotic experience with over 600 scientific publications on probiotics.
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High Stability

Our products utilize efficient fermentation & concentration drying processes and patent protected stability technology, which ensures perfectly active probiotics in optimal forms.
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High Functionality

Our products are formulated with
only the best probiotic strains
and combinations to ensure your
product delivers the results you desire.

B. lactis Bl-04® for Immune Health


Learn more about how our signature strain for respiratory health can help you meet the growing demand for immune support products.

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