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HOWARU® Protect

The HOWARU® Protect

The HOWARU® Protect

Good gut bacteria help to maintain natural immunity

Immunity is an invisible “barrier” for our body. Just like a city wall, it resists outside stimulants and allergens, and is closely related to the lifetime health of individuals. In everyday life, our diet directly affects our gut health and immunity. The notion that prevention is far better than treatment is a mass consensus. Therefore, the demand for various types of healthy food, beverages and dietary supplements that are conducive to immune health has been growing, and there is also a trend of personalization and diversification for them.

HOWARU® Protect probiotics have been documented through clinical studies and set a new benchmark for premium probiotic. They can meet the needs of various special consumer groups including children, adults, seniors and sports enthusiasts for a balanced immune system and for maintaining their natural immunity. The HOWARU® Protect probiotics cultures can be conveniently used in beverages, candies, dairy products, dietary supplements, frozen desserts, nutritional bars, nutritional drinks, and formulas.

HOWARU® Protect Kids

Preventing respiratory diseases and reinforcing everyday immunity protection Bacteria and viruses are everywhere. Children are more vulnerable to germs, especially during seasonal changes, because their bodies are not yet fully developed, and their resistance and environmental adaptability are relatively weak. Children can be affected up to 6 to 10 times a year, making life miserable for the sick children and their parents. In order to effectively tackle the daily challenges of the external environment, improving the immunity of children is the best weapon against diseases, and we should do this starting from daily life.

HOWARU® Protect Adults

Enhancing natural immunity A cold is a disease that nobody can avoid. Cold and flu now affect adults 2 to 3 times each year. For such chronic or frequently occurring illnesses, prevention is far better than cure. Growing scientific evidence shows that taking probiotics can influence the recovery and maintenance of immune health. Probiotics help us stay better protected against diseases by nipping them at the bud.

HOWARU® Protect Senior

Supporting the immune health of seniors and keeping their gut “young” Gut accounts for 70% of our immune system. It is crucial to human health, especially for seniors. As people age, changes in the gut microbiota composition, including loss of beneficial bifidobacteria, take place and are associated with a decline in immune functions. This can lead to microbial imbalance or dysbiosis, and overall poorer health. Seniors typically experience declining immune functions, increased susceptibility to infections, decreased vaccine responses and discomfort linked to slow colonic transit time. Therefore, having a “young” gut microbiota is essential to maintaining good health for seniors.

HOWARU® Protect Sport

The intestinal guard helps sports enthusiasts achieve their best performance Exercising is good for your health. But prolonged strenuous exercise may be counterproductive. Over the past decade, growing evidence suggests that active sports performers can suffer from a higher incidence of infections caused by altered immune functions brought on by increased levels of exercise. This exercise-induced temporary alteration of natural immune defenses is commonly referred to as the ‘‘open window.’’ During this “open window” of decreased immunity, viruses and bacteria may gain a foothold, increasing the risk of infection — particularly Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTI) which are associated with impaired sports performance.

HOWARU® Protect EarlyLife (Rhamnosus)

HOWARU® Protect EarlyLife (Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001™) Safe and efficacious, supporting the development of gut microbiota and immune systems in infants. When a family welcomes a new life, their heartfelt happiness is usually followed by the new parents’ concerns for the baby.

HOWARU® Protect Prenatal+

HOWARU® Protect Prenatal+ Improve women’s immunity and vaginal health "1000 days in their early life” is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a “window of opportunity” for a person’s growth and development, which refers to the 280-day fetal period and 720 days after birth.