HOWARU Brand: What’s in it for you?

For over one hundred years, DuPont has held the firm belief in practicing scientific innovation. To meet different people’s needs for digestive and immune health, HOWARU®, a probiotic solution, was customized with the best strains and their combinations among ten thousand probiotics.

Partnership Benefits

DuPont strives to provide the best solutions for customers from market research, product development, production design and all the way to product launch at sales outlets. In addition to the best activity and stability, DuPont also provides a suite of important value-added resources for the licensees of the HOWARU® trademark, including a global education program, marketing tools and training for consumers and professionals, as well as regulatory and health claim support.

Global Network And Customer Reach

Worldwide, we have 4 modern probiotics factories. Located in the United States, France, Germany and China, they have the most advanced probiotics testing equipment as well as first-class pilot production equipment and fermentation equipment for dairy products, to help customers realize large-scale commercial production.

HOWARU® Products

HOWARU® is DuPont’s premium probiotics brand. Offered as single strains or pre-formulated blends, each HOWARU® product can help address different health issues. High performance, high stability and high functionality are its 3 hallmarks.