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HOWARU® premium probiotics, an IFF Health brand, manufacturers single strains and preformulated blends, validated by rigorous clinical trials. We don’t just manufacture strains—we support your brand at every step with a fully integrated value chain.

Get the confidence of in-depth regulatory, manufacturing, and market intelligence backed by R&D expertise that drives functional categorization and combo formulations. Complemented by the formats and flavor capabilites of IFF Health, we can provide a custom approach for your brand that meets emerging opportunities, such as women’s preference for multiple benefits from a single supplement.

1 in 3 probiotic strains
6 Health and Wellness Platforms
26 Microbiome Innovators

Meet our Vice President of IFF Health to share with you what you can expect from an end-to-end partner.

Leverage your brand with the broadest microbiome platforms

As the microbiome health and wellness market expands at a rapid pace, HOWARU® experts can provide the cutting-edge intelligence and innovation your customers need to succeed.


Brain Health

Digestive Health

Immune Health

Metabolic Health

Early Life Health



We learn more every day about the connection between cognitive function and gut health. Got stress? Discover our latest research in brain health and how we are leading the way.


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