Stress is a common occurrence for 65% of adults who report having some form of it in their daily lives. Aside from apprehension, daily stress can manifest itself as physical symptoms like headaches and gastrointestinal problems, but can also lead to cognitive problems such as difficulty concentrating and behavioral problems such as loss of sleep – to name a few. Consumers are realizing how probiotics can help combat these negative effects through the microbiome-gut-brain axis, translating to a 34% growth of probiotics for boosting mood.

IFF’s latest addition to the Probiotics family, HOWARU® Calm, is a probiotic product that’s been demonstrated to manage the mind’s psychological response to stress. By significantly reducing users’ perceived stress, the premium probiotic strain in HOWARU® Calm – L. paracasei Lpc-37® – helps balance mood, promote overall mental well-being and offer a relaxed state of mind.

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HOWARU® Calm has been rigorously and comprehensively tested via a clinical trial, which showed the strain can help reduce perceived stress.

Reaffirming the clinical trial results, a recent consumer in-home use test also showed that consumers taking Lpc-37® had less perceived stress after eight weeks compared to those consumers given only the placebo.

HOWARU® Calm was investigated under Good Clinical Practice to meet high-quality standards and ensure safety and stability throughout the end of its shelf life. This brain health supplement is manufactured in the U.S. and was developed to handle consumer stress efficiently and easily leaving your customers feeling calm. If you’re looking to develop a cognitive health supplement that helps customers address their stress levels and boosts their mood, HOWARU® Calm may be the perfect fit.

As a top probiotic supplier, we have decades of experience in the industry so you can be confident in partnering with us. Our team of global experts provides clinical efficacy, safety and product quality to ensure probiotic manufacturers and their customers have a positive experience with every dose.

We are confident that, with our help, your end products will exceed your and your customers’ expectations. Let us help you create a supplement that leaves consumers feeling zen and ready to tackle their day.


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Meet the Team Behind Lpc-37®

Elaine Patterson

Elaine Patterson Ph.D.

Senior Scientist and Technical Lead of

Brain Health Platform, IFF


Alvin Ibbarra

Alvin Ibarra Ph.D.

Clinical Trials Director, IFF


Silem M. Griffin

Síle M. Griffin Ph.D.

Scientist, IFF


Juliane Hellhammer

Juliane Hellhammer Ph.D

Founder and CEO, Contract 

Research daacro


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