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Signature Strains

All strains were not created equal. Learn more about what it takes for a strain to make the status of a signature strain.

Journey to Signature

Not just any strain gets to become a HOWARU® Signature Strain, they must first meet the following rigorous requirements

Strain Identification and Verification

The complete genome of every HOWARU® strain has been sequenced and fully assembled to properly classify to the Genus, species, and strain level. Stringent process controls are maintained to ensure the commercial strain is identical to the strain that’s been studied

Genetic Safety Screening

Every HOWARU® probiotic strain is tested for virulence and toxigenic properties and the absence of antibiotic resistance transfer potential as a fundamental safety requirement established by regulatory bodies

Toxicity Testing

HOWARU® probiotic strains undergo toxicity testing to confirm safety for human consumption

Stability Assurance

HOWARU® probiotic strains are formulated for and evaluated across multiple format and temperature & humidity conditions to ensure viability through end of shelf-life


HOWARU® strains have been tested for tolerance to stomach acid and bile salts

FDA Evaluated

HOWARU® probiotic strains are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and have been notified to the US FDA and accepted with no questions

Clinically Tested

HOWARU® probiotic strains are evaluated in human clinical trials to demonstrate safety and efficacy

Featured Signature Strains


B. lactis Bl-04®

The #1 Dr Preferred Probiotic Strain for Respiratory Health* is the perfect immune-enhancing addition to your product. Learn how this signature strain has been shown to bolster healthy respiratory function in adults as well as promote a healthy immune response

B. lactis HN019™ 

This robust strain has been clinically studied to support a healthy digestive system in a wide variety of people, from children to up to seniors.

Based on an IQVIA ProVoice®survey of Primary Care Physicians who preferred HOWARU®B. lactis Bl-04®for Respiratory Health after review of select clinical studies; December 2018. This claim cannot be used without a trade mark licensing agreement from IFF or its affiliates.

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