HOWARU® Newsletter

HOWARU® Newsletter

HOWARU® Newsletter Issue #1

DuPont’s HOWARU® website goes live! Explore the science behind probiotics
DuPont’s HOWARU® website goes live ( This is the first product-specific website launched by DuPont Nutrition & Health in the field of probiotics, aiming to provide business partners, healthcare professionals and consumers with an easier and more convenient way to learn about the know-how and experience of DuPont’s HOWARU® premium probiotics.

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HOWARU® Newsletter Issue #2

News on HOWARU® Probiotics- DuPont Opens World-Class Probiotics Fermentation Unit
This issue will introduce our new world-class probiotics fermentation unit launched by DuPont along with the third-party certification of commercial probiotic products to deepen your understanding of how DuPont is responding to our consumers’ ever-changing health needs.