Brand success begins with quality partners.



Co-mans and brand owners have a great responsibility to bring the highest quality products to brand owners and consumers.

Success in the microbiome health and wellness industry begins with intelligence and high-quality partners. At IFF, we don’t just manufacture strains—we support your brand at every step with a fully integrated value chain.

HOWARU®: What’s in it for you?

For over one hundred years, IFF has held the firm belief in practicing scientific innovation. Our HOWARU® premium probiotics are characterized by their high activity and high stability. They are also supported by highly successful clinical studies and scientific findings. We leverage our extensive portfolio, strong consumer insights, as well as global support and services to deliver unrivaled value for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.


Unique strain development

Through genomics studies, we provide safe and effective strain designs with different functions as well as the production and formula of strains with various flavors and textures to meet the diverse needs of consumers.


Powerful scientific research capabilities

Each of our products will undergo large-scale group testing, and will be supported by large quantities of high-value scientific evidence and literature, to help your brand stand out.


Flexible product offering

HOWARU® premium probiotics are available in finished formats, freeze-dried or frozen concentrate to serve the needs of the health care, dietary supplements, food and beverages industries. We’ll work with you to find a solution that best meets your needs.


Product stability

At IFF, our biotechnologists and process engineers know the importance of maintaining the stability of our probiotics throughout their shelf life and in their final applications. They have developed patented technologies and proprietary know-how to ensure the stability of the HOWARU® premium probiotics strains, making it easier for you to take advantage of their benefits.


Market insights

Our marketing teams are focused on end-user needs, and spend time understanding market trends, industry needs, and consumer perceptions and behaviors in order to develop products which meet demand. We are keen to share our insights and knowledge of the health and wellness market with you.


Products that your customers will enjoy

Not only do our products provide health benefits, but our formulation experts ensure that they offer an attractive presentation, form, texture and taste. We can work with you to develop finished products that meet the expectations of your target consumers.


Regulatory expertise

The IFF Regulatory team has undisputable expertise in ingredient approval, claim management and substantiation. We collaborate with legal authorities at both the global and local level. Our regulatory experts are located around the globe in the markets they serve, and can support your product registration, consumer communication and claims.

As the leading global researcher and producer of probiotics, we look forward to working more closely with domestic and international customers, to customize HOWARU® premium probiotics into end-products needed by customers and meet the needs of consumers whose health awareness is constantly growing.

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