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Probiota Americas | 14-16 June 2023 | Chicago, USA

Living to age 100 isn’t the rare occurrence that it used to be, and it doesn’t have to be a journey riddled with disease and frailty.  It’s a world of possibilities with IFF’s Chief Medical Officer, Mark Haupt, MD, as he provides a fascinating lens into the complex inner workings of the centenarian though fresh insights, and a potential roadmap to optimized lifespan and healthspan. Looking to level-up your knowledge during the lunch break? Stop by to chat with one of IFF’s pivotal scientists, Johanna Maukonen, DSc(Tech), for an eye-opening roundtable discussion on efficacious supplements in a sugar-crazed world.


Chief Medical Officer, Mark Haupt, MD


Could the Centenarian Microbiome Be the Fountain of Youth?

Thursday, June 15th at 10:55am

A unique lens into the complex world of those who seem to delay the most recognized consequences of aging.


Director, Global Clinical Innovation & Translation, DR. Johanna Maukonen

Director, Global Clinical Innovation & Translation, DR. Johanna Maukonen

Why sacrifice stability and efficacy for taste?

Connect with Johanna for her roundtable discussion during the lunch hour at the break room.

Dive into the ecosystem of efficacious supplements, and learn about supplement solutions in a sugar-crazed world. a favorable taste profile + efficacy really can coexist!



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