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Probiota Global | Barcelona, Spain | 6-8 February 2023

IFF is proud to be a diamond sponsor of Probiota Global 2023. The industry leading conference that brings together experts and leaders from global industries and academia to talk about scientific insights into the microbiome world.
We are attending this event with a team of experts who cannot wait to meet you there.

DR. Johanna Maukonen

Join our very own Dr. Johanna Maukonen for an interesting session on Frontiers in Probiotic Research. You will learn about how, next to digestive and immune health, several other health areas/indications have emerged in the probiotic landscape.
Or why not take it to the next level by combining probiotics with other health ingredients or next generation probiotics?

Come and meet Morten Lauritsen, Sales Director EMEA and Amy Smith Ph.D, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, for a lively round table discussion.
They are looking forward to chatting with you about the shift from the traditional bricks and mortar sales channels, into E-commerce and other online sales platforms. How has the industry anticipated? And how are we supporting these new sales platforms?

Morten Lauritsen

Amy Smith

We hope to see you soon, at Probiota Global!

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